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A Kit CanPersonality and uniqueness as well as an interplay of counterpoint and deviations from conventional design dictates, characterize the design philosophy of the SieMatic S2. Also, some of the functional elements of the SieMatic S1 are included in the SieMatic S2, such as the multi-media elements, the vertical recessed grip and the drawer system. Mr. Siekmann explains the design concept as "for the SieMatic S2 we have adopted the emotions that have been attributed to the SieMatic S1 ". The linear, cubical design continues the tradition that began in 1960 with the minimalistic, handleless SieMatic 6006. The SieMatic S2 combines that horizontal emphasis with the vertical elements that are the dominant characteristics of the SieMatic S1. New colors and finishes, as well as combinations of premium materials such as lacquer, glass, stone, and wood accessorize the SieMatic S2 kitchens as do the strong tone-in-tone design accents. A good example of the versatility of the SieMatic S2 is the newly developed extendable lower cabinet shelving system.

The successful composition of different materials and varying dimensions is shown in an exemplary way by the lotus white SieMatic S2 LM on display in the Forum in Lohne: The combination of matt lacquer, shining white glass, light limestone, and wood underscores the elegantly minimalistic design. The new limestone countertop in maljat cream has a warm and comfortable look. The tall cabinet with an integrated TV screen that can be pulled forward and aligned individually and the multi-media system take up typical functional elements of the SieMatic S1. Handleless paneled wall cabinets with their tinted glass fronts and a depth of 25 centimeters offer additional storage room, and give the kitchen a new, completely individual look and a second design level.

We understand the special challenges in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in condo buildings. That's why we've created a solution that not only saves you time and aggravation, but also saves you money. 

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