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  • Gaddafi Liened in Toronto


    lienedOne of Toronto’s fastest growing communities has made national headlines with the former dictator Muammar Gaddafi son deflating on his obligation of his luxurious penthouse suite at city place in one of Toronto’s trendy neighbour hoods. Saadi Gaddafi eldest son has been living the high life not only in Toronto but also in Niger, known for his expensive taste in restaurants, nightlife and let’s not forget homes, condos and cars, it’s been reported his net worth is now close to zero. In Canada he still hasn’t paid the fees for his luxury Toronto penthouse.
    The luxury penthouse is said to be over $1.6-million and overlooks Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto. For most of us living in a condo our maintenance fees are a great concern Mr. Saadi Gaddafi seems to have forgotten the responsibilities of owning a property. Due to his unpaid common expenses the management company has no choice but to place a lien against the property. Mr. Saadi Gaddafi purchased the property in 2008 after falling in love with Toronto.
    The most recent information on dictator Muammar Gaddafi eldest son reports he has run out of money and is not in a position to pay for the bills he is responsible for here in Canada. The client’s response has simply been due to the UN Security Council’s resolution to freeze all his assets he cannot pay his bills. Most of us are wondering how Mr. Saadi Gaddafi is still living such an exuberant lifestyle while ignoring his responsibilities here in Canada.

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  • Cost Underestimation is a Primary Mistake in Renovation

    Common Mistakes

    Cost UnderThe main mistake people make in condo remodeling is underestimating costs of their project. Restoration jobs are regularly more expensive than you first expect.

    Even though some reasons the expenses are greater than expected because of unpredicted challenges that may not often be predicted, other issues with underestimation is due to a flaw within the initial pre-planned budget.

    When professional renovators draft a task budget, they more often than not leave between 10% and 20% to pay for unpredicted costs. The easiest method to use if you want to avoid massive underestimating is to create a very detailed plan outline all specifications for fittings and fixtures. Additionally, be sure to get the labor estimations on target by using legitimate quotes from the workers you're using.

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  • Vehicle Condos Have Become a Big Hit with Car Enthusiasts


    Car conThe real estate marketplace is growing increasingly larger, much due to the help of trendy ideas like vehicle condos. Similar to a conventional country club that suits golfers, new auto country clubs are currently appearing all over the world, serving vehicle enthusiasts.

    Vehicle enthusiasts are given a location they are able to use for socializing with friends or when they want to invite people over to discuss their beloved vehicle collections.

    While these auto country clubs offer such things as restaurants and lounge areas, the most innovative areas within them are the vehicle condos. Vehicle condos are typically smaller units within a large building that can be equipped with living areas, kitchen areas, bathrooms and an area to fit automobiles. These condos are frequently referred to as luxury garages, where wealthy people can invite their buddies to take a look at and admire their vehicle.

    The obvious marketplace for this kind of condo is the traditionally wealthy male. However, many realtors are searching for more youthful clients too, feeling as though the more youthful crowd may enjoy spending time with their car-loving friends too.

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