Easy Renovations That Buyers Love

carpetIf you’re trying to sell your condo or are planning to do so in the future, it’s important to think about what buyers like when renovating. Sure, you may love that bright blue carpet that reminds you of your college colors, but typical buyers are looking for clean neutral palates. Here are a few easy renovations you can do quickly, to help please your potential buyers.

Flooring: Buyers are extremely picky about flooring of condos, when they’re searching for the perfect spot. The truth is, no one likes dirty or dingy floors. If you have the means to do so, think about installing hardwood flooring in your condo. If you like the idea but would like to save a little cash, engineered hardwood is nearly as great for a fraction of the cost of the real stuff.


Smart Condo Renovations: What’s Worth the Investment?

condo-kitchen-building-contractorWhen it comes to condo renovations, many owners aren’t sure where to begin or where to invest their money. Although the idea of renovation does appeal to the aesthetic desires of the owner, a condo owner will also want to think about what will help them increase the value of their home. Here are a few of the smartest condo renovations that are sure to be worth the investment.


One of the wisest places to start with a condo renovation is in the kitchen. A typical kitchen remodel will return more than 90% of the cost the owner spends on it, which is about as good as it gets. One note to remember, however, is a high-end kitchen remodel might not return as high as a mid-range or minor remodel. So, think about that when you’re trying to choose between imported tile or domestic materials that might not cost you quite as much.


Hardwood Floors

A condo floor

Listone GiordanoThe world's premier engineered glue-down hardwood floor, merging sophisticated technology and superior materials with Italian design. An incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and want to find such excellence in their own home.

Verona Floors Hardwood Collection
A variety of fine engineered hardwood floor collections provides solutions for any project. Verona Floors offers a wide range of exotic woods in several widths, thicknesses and finishes. Available in floating and glue-down options, these products offer versatility to suit any style and space.

Legnotech Group Ltd

Contemporary Condo Kitchen

A Kit CanPersonality and uniqueness as well as an interplay of counterpoint and deviations from conventional design dictates, characterize the design philosophy of the SieMatic S2. Also, some of the functional elements of the SieMatic S1 are included in the SieMatic S2, such as the multi-media elements, the vertical recessed grip and the drawer system. Mr. Siekmann explains the design concept as "for the SieMatic S2 we have adopted the emotions that have been attributed to the SieMatic S1 ". The linear, cubical design continues the tradition that began in 1960 with the minimalistic, handleless SieMatic 6006. The SieMatic S2 combines that horizontal emphasis with the vertical elements that are the dominant characteristics of the SieMatic S1. New colors and finishes, as well as combinations of premium materials such as lacquer, glass, stone, and wood accessorize the SieMatic S2 kitchens as do the strong tone-in-tone design accents. A good example of the versatility of the SieMatic S2 is the newly developed extendable lower cabinet shelving system.


Improvements That Add Value

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